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When To Cite a Source

It is absolutely necessary to cite sources, if the information does not come from Eidos directly, from one of the games or other media.

Especially rumours about the content of the next game will be deleted without a valid source. (A valid source in this case meaning a games magazine that has researched the information and got it from Eidos directly. Wikipedia or some mention on some Fansite is not a valid source!)

Please refrain from citing outside sources when the content is from within the game, movie, comic, novel... If you'd like to provide "proof", either upload screenshots (use the Namespace "Original:" for displaying the content by either creating a separate article for the object in question or adding it to the parent game, movie, comic, novel... article, e.g. Original: Shadow of the Tomb Raider) or add information like a timestamp or page number.

How To Add a Citing

Add the source at the appropriate spot:

  • <ref>Source</ref>


  • <ref> (Official Website)</ref>
  • <ref>Tomb Raider II, back cover, PlayStation Version</ref>
  • <ref>Knight, E. E.(2004). ''Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Lost Cult''. Del Rey. ISBN 0-345-46172-X</ref>

Add the following to the end of the page, just before the Categories:

  • ==References==
  • <references/>