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The Caves Walkthrough guides you through the Tomb Raider Level Caves.


Run ahead to where the footprints come from. You will soon come to a part with slots in the wall. These are dart emitters. Run quickly past and try not to get hit. Follow the path to the right. There you can see the footprints coming down from the left.

Secret 1

Do not turn left yet, but run into the cave ahead. In the left corner is a sloped block. Stand on the back of it. Jump up, hold on to the ledge and pull up. While sliding jump, press forward and grab the ledge. Climb into the niche. You will hear a sound indication that you've found the first secret. Collect it. It's a small medipack. Leave the chamber again and backtrack to the place where the wolf tracks went upwards.

Climb up the rocks. At the crossing, three bats will attack you. Shoot them.

Secret 2

Run into the left part of the cave. In the right corner is a snow-covered part of the wall on the left. This is where you can climb up to a higher level. Press up and action to do so. Shoot a bat. Then collect the next small medipack. Climb back down and return to the crossing.

Run into the back of the cave. There is a path leading out and down to the left. Follow it.

Lower Part of Cave

Climb down the hill. Drop into the pit in the greenery and run down the stairs. There you'll find a door with a lever on the right. Use the lever to open the door. Enter the next chamber and shoot a bat. (On the right is a wooden gate, behind it you can see a trench on both sides lined with dart slots.) Run into the left corner and climb up onto the next level. Follow the path till you come to a part of the cave with two bridges. Draw weapons and shoot the two wolves running around down there. Now run along to the right. (If you want to you can jump to the ground now and collect a small medipack, but we will come to that later.) Cross the first bridge. Run around the pillar and cross the second bridge. On the other side, turn left and enter the next room.

Bear and Wolves

Advance towards the gap on the right. In the chamber underneath is a bear hiding. (PlayStation users might want to save at the crystal on the opposite side, before going for the goodies.)


Kill the bear in the pit underneath. (It's possible that you will not be able to kill him from above, as he tries to hide.) Then drop down. Enter the next room and shoot two bats . Run towards the strange looking platform on the floor. This is a trigger for the door. Pick up the small medipack. Then step onto the marked platform to open the door. (It's a timed door so you have to be quick.) Run through. You'll end up in the cave with the bridges again. Turn right and run into the open. Run towards the skeleton statue on the right. There you can climb up. You can also pull yourself up onto the second bridge. - Picture. Run over the bridge again and jump over the pit where the bear was.

Here the PlayStation users can save their game at the save crystal. Before you run down the stairs run behind the pillars on the left and collect a small medipack. Then run down the stairs. Draw weapons and shoot the two wolves coming up the stairs.

Timed Door

Run down and collect the small medipack lying underneath the stairs.

Secret 3

Climb onto the platform in front of the closed gate. Go towards the left end. Make a running jump towards the green platform. Enter the chamber. Pick up the large medipack. Climb out again.

Climb up onto the platform with the lever. Use it. It will open the big gate on the other platform. This gate is timed, so hurry. Turn to the left and standing jump onto the block between this platform and the one with the gate. Continue to the gate platform. Quickly run through the open gate. (If you fail, repeat this action.)

The Big Gate

Run up the stairs. Follow them to the right. Beware of the dart-emitters. Shoot the wolf in the chamber at the top, on the left. Step onto the broken platform and drop through the Collapsible Floor. Turn right and run through the doorway. At the end, turn left and make a running jump over the gap. Turn left again. Run towards the medipack. Draw weapons and shoot the wolf. Collect the large medipack. Use the lever in the chamber the wolf came out of. Return outside and go towards the first window on the right. Slide down the hill and run through the open gate.