Urn of Cinnabar

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Urn of Cinnabar

The Urn of Cinnabar is an item in the mobile game Quest for Cinnabar. It has the item code QC4645.


The urn of Cinnabar. The item that Lara has been searching for. Originally encased in amber and now freed from its ancient prison, Lara will need to hurry back to Scotland with her prize. The elements contained in the urn have many properties, but according to the Codex, the key property discovered by the ancient mystics was its use in a ritual to extend life. From the information gleaned in the Codex, Lara can assume that her mysterious employer needs to re-enact the ritual for their own purposes. Given the secrecy involved in this mission so far, she feels she should investigate her mysterious employer before handing over such an important treasure. [1]


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