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Turbo Pascal are the people who made Dxtre3d. Turbo Pascal programed it like TRLE but different because you could build things based on Tomb Raider 1 to Chronicles, which is different to the way TRLE is programmed because while it could do the same thing, it only made stuff based on Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation.

What They Say:

They say on their Dxtre3d website that it is not to be considered as a TRLE engine, but actually a "fexengine". Practically the same, with tweaks.

Differences and Equals

Apart from the game basing feature and level insallation, Turbo Pascal have practically made a duplicate of TRLE! Exactly equal apart from the basing feature and installation. (of custom levels)

How They Do It

No one but geniuses can know how they do it, so lets make the most of it!

Other Stuff

Turbo Pascal create other things as well. Not neccacarily thing to do with TRLE...