Torc of Embitterment

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Torc of Embitterment
Torc of Embitterment.jpg


Found 1996
Current Status In Lara's treasure vault
Game(s) Tomb Raider Anniversary
Level Found Lost Island - The Great Pyramid

The Torc of Embitterment is the last one of the eight Relics in Tomb Raider Anniversary. It is found in the level Lost Island - The Great Pyramid.

The relic is located right in the end of the level. Obtaining it might be tricky: first Lara must shoot a shootable button right above the bridge in the room with a lava pool. This will collapse a section of the ceiling, revealing an opening above the bridge. Climb to the opening and drop down, sliding along the ramp. Quickly use the grapple at the Grapple Ring under the bridge. Swing across the lava to an opening with a large medipack. Pick it up and follow the tunnel to the relic.

The Torc of Embitterment is described as a sacred golden necklace:

This sacred golden necklace was worn by Atlantean priestess-judges only during sentencing of criminals that had offended the god-kings of Atlantis. As any discretion against the rulers was punishable by execution, the torc quickly became a symbol of death itself.
In-game information [1]


Golden, decorative and delicate necklace with a red Atlantean hieroglyph-like symbol in the center.


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