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Lara's Moves in Tomb Raider Legend include some of the basic ones known from previous Tomb Raiders, but also some brand new moves.

Standard Keys by System

The following is a list of Lara's basic moves.

Button TypePC PS2/PSP/PS3XBox/XBox 360
Up, Down, Left, RightW, S, A, Dleft Analog Stickleft Analog Stick
JumpSpace; Right MouseAct.gifA
ShootH; Left MouseRight1.gifRT
Combat Lock (Lock/Unlock Target)GLeft1.gifLT
Display HUDJLeft2.gifLB
Vehicle: Switch TargetsQ; right MouseLeft1.gifLT
Manual AimZR3
Health PackHOMED-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Switch WeaponsENDD-Pad DownD-Pad Down
PLSDELD-Pad leftD-Pad left
BinocularsPage DownD-Pad rightD-Pad right
SneakShiftleft Analog Stick left Analog Stick
CameraMouseright Analog Stickright Analog Stick

All Moves

In the following table direction equals the left analog stick!

MoveButton Combination Remark
JumpJump and DirectionJump up without any directional button, jump (also from ropes...) in a direction by using the directional button
Pull UpJumpLara will pull up from a ledge.
HandstandJump (long)Press and hold jump to get Lara to make a handstand, when pulling up.
KickInteractionCan be used on some movable objects and on opponents.
hold ObjectInteractionLara will grab a movable object when you press this key and release it, when you press it again.
Magnetic GrappleMagnetic Grapple and DirectionLara will throw out the grapple and hold on to an object, or release it again.
Pull Magnetic GrappleInteractionWhen the Magnetic Grapple is attached to an object, you use this key to pull the rope.
Magnetic Grapple as Rope(Jump, Jump) or
(Jump, Magnetic Grapple)
when Lara is standing below a spot where the Magnetic Grapple can be used, press jump and again jump or the Magnetic Grapple-button to throw out the Magnetic Grapple.
Swimdirectional buttonsBy using the directional buttons Lara will swim in this direction (on the surface and under water).
Dive DownDuck/RollLara will dive deeper down.
Dive UpJumpLara will dive up.
DiverollDirection and RollIf you press roll while running around, Lara will make a (low) Dive Roll.
SwandiveDirection + Jump, RollWhile jumping in a certain direction immediately press roll, after pressing jump, to make a Swandive.
rope swingDirectionTo swing on a rope simply press up, while facing the direction, turn with left and right.
rope climbInteraction and DirectionTo climb up or slide down on a rope press the interaction button, and then up or down.
Fight: slide into opponentCombat Lock; Roll ButtonLara will slide into the opponent and push him over.
Fight: jump on opponent (Aerial Attack)Combat Lock; Jump towards opponentLara will jump onto the opponent and then move in slow motion.
Fight: kick opponentCombat Lock; Interaction and DirectionLara kicks her opponent during the fight.
Fight: use grappleCombat Lock; Magnetic Grapple and DirectionLara trows out the magnetic grapple and pulls her opponent closer.

Special- and combined Moves

  • Somersaults: Make a Roll while running and immediately press roll again, Lara will do a diveroll and then a somersault.
  • Somersaults (2): Jump in a direction and immediately press jump again, to do another kind of somersault.

Vehicle Controls

MoveButton Combination Remark
DriveJumpHold down the button for jump to speed up.
SteerDirectionUse the directional buttons (e.g. the Analog Sticks, the Mouse) to steer the vehicle left and right.
BreakGrappleUse same button that is used for the grapple to slow your movement speed. You can also decelerate by releasing the drive button and waiting.
ShootShootShooting on a vehicle is just the same as shooting when not on a vehicle.
Change TargetLock/Unlock TargetTo change the opponents Lara's aiming at to the closest, press the "Lock Target" button once. Press again to change to the next.