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From the very beginning there have been multiple Tomb Raider Forums and message boards that were either official or set up by fans of the Tomb Raider Series. With the rise of social media (Facebook, Twitter, and the like) these forums have slowly been dying off, although some still exist in one form or another.

Please note: This section is still under construction, so if any forums you know are missing, please enter them at the appropriate spot. The forums are given in alphabetical order, first divided by language and secondly by domain or just a website.

Last review of links: August 2017.

List by Language



  • Eidos forums
  • Katie's Tomb Raider forums (offline, domain no longer registered)
  • Kurtis Trent Estrogen Brigade forums (KTEB) (domain parking)
  • Lara's Tomb (closed)
  • Lara's Home (web page still exists, forums closed)
  • Planet Lara Interactive (PLi) (closed)
  • The Croft Society Forums (offline, domain no longer registered)
  • The Village of Tokakeriby
  • "Tomb Raider Forums" (TRF)
  • Tomb Raider Manor (Closed)
  • TombRunner Forums (offline, domain no longer registered)
  • Tomb Raider Board (offline, domain no longer registered)


  • Tomb Raider Atlantis (Closed)