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The Controls in Tomb Raider Anniversary are similar to those introduced in Tomb Raider Legend.

Button Layout

Move PC PS2 / PS3 / PSP Xbox (360) Wii
Up, Down, Left, Right W, S, A, D left analog stick left stick Control Stick
Camera Mouse right analog stick right stick Control Stick
Walk Alt left analog stick (lightly)
R2 + left analog stick
left stick (lightly) Control Stick (lightly)
Sneak R left analog stick (very lightly) left stick (very lightly) Control Stick (very lightly)
Jump Space; Right Mouse Act.gif A A
Crouch/Roll Left Shift Circle.gif B Control Pad Down
Grapple Q Square.gif X Flick Nunchuk
Interact E Triangle.gif Y Control Pad Up
Shoot Left Mouse Button
Right1.gif RT B
Lock/Unlock Target Right Mouse Button
Left1.gif LT Z
Manual Aim Z R3 (Right Stick Button) Right Stick Button Wii Remote
(while weapons drawn)
E Triangle.gif Y Wii Remote
Pause ESC Start.gif START 2
Inventory TAB Select.gif BACK 1
Small Medipack V D-Pad down D-Pad down -
Large Medipack B D-Pad up D-Pad up +
Previous Weapons - D-Pad left D-Pad left Control Pad left
Next Weapons + D-Pad right D-Pad right Control Pad right
Torch N/A N/A N/A Control Pad Left + Wii Remote

Moves List

Move Combination Remark
Running Up, Down, Left, Right To run simply press in the direction you want to run into.
Sneaking Direction and Sneak/Direction very lightly When steering Lara with an analog controller, press the direction lightly. When using keyboard controls, you need to hold down the sneak button while moving.
Combat: Shake Opponent Left/Right (also Up/Down) To break free from an enemy, you need to quickly move Lara back and forth.
Combat: Dodge Roll or Jump + Direction When an opponent comes storming towards you after you angered him, the screen becomes blurry. Evade his attack by rolling or jumping aside, when the arrows light up in a corner of the screen - only when you have not turned off the hints.
Combat: Head Shot Shoot When you have just evaded an angry opponent with a dodge move, you can perform a head shot. Make sure the opponent ist still locked. (Hold the Combat Mode Toggle button.) When the red circle appears, shoot once.


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