Tomb Raider: The Series Vol. 1, Issue 24

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Tomb Raider #24
Tomb Raider: The Series Vol. 1
Issue No. 24
Story Title Medusa's Garden
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Release Date October 2002
Writer John Ney Rieber
Pencil Gerardo Sandoval
Ink Jonathan Sibal & Jason Gorder
Colors Jonathan D. Smith
Letters Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler
Pages 32
Price $2.50

Tomb Raider #24, Medusa's Garden is a prelude to the Crossover Endgame starting in Tomb Raider #25.

Official Description

A sun-drenched Aegean beach, pearls to dive for, a boyfriend who's never seen suntan lotion before... Lara's found it all on the Isle of Hydra. And she's never been so happy. But when a malevolent spirit from the mists of legend threatens to make her moment of happiness permanent--and terminal--Lara must master skills she's never dreamed she had--or spend eternity in stone, among the victims of Medusa's Garden. [1]


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