Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness 2

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Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness 2 is a fan-created game made by Mudkip25 and his team of Level Builders, made using the Level Editor.


The Story

As Lara searches for a mythical weapon of destruction somewhere on an Island known as Rougetsu Island, she accidentally opens a rift to another world, A dark dimension in which the Lux Veritatis sealed centuries ago. Lara now must venture back into the dark alleys in search for Kurtis about answers to stopping a rift to the world of the dead from opening with the Sword of Musashi to unleash evil among the earth.


World Renowned Archeologist, Lara Croft seeks the mythical Sword of Musashi, a powerful weapon from the Sengoku Jidai (Feudal Era).

Last living member of the Lux Veritatis. With some of his power that remained from his previous injuries by Boaz, Kurtis sets off to restore it.


The current members and Voice Actors

  • Mudkip25 - Level Builder for Japan, Croft Manor and Animations
  • Gesto (Trsearch) - Level Builder for Paris, Croft Manor and is a Scripter
  • KurtisandLara - Builder for Germany, Turkey and Croft Manor
  • Tjw Croft - Level Builder for Antarctica and Croft Manor
  • Mystery-King - Level Builder for Dark Dimension and Croft Manor and Textures
  • Tombraider95 - Level Transitions and Croft Manor
  • Laras Boyfriend - Lead Object Builder, Scripter, Animations and Croft Manor
  • Changeling - Voice Actor
  • Morsusmihi - Voice Actor


Croft Manor

Lara will have a different Manor than the other games. It will also be split into parts.

  • Croft Manor - Main Hall, Bedrooms, Library, Music Room, Gym and Poolroom
  • Croft Manor - Kitchen, Dining Room, Trophy Room, Basement and Lounge
  • Croft Manor - Gardens and Maze
  • Croft Manor - Assault Course and Racetrack
  • Croft Manor - Chapel


  • Path to the sword
  • Lunar Gardens
  • Rougetsu Hall
  • The Shrine


  • Return to the Ghetto
  • Return to the Ghetto (Part Two)
  • Clock Tower
  • Flash Back (Set in Egypt)

Germany / Turkey

  • The Fort
  • Race to Turkey
  • Cappadocia
  • The Nephilim Secret


  • Kurtis' Mission
  • Karel's Plot
  • To the top
  • Race for the Portal

Dark Dimension

  • Lara's Path
  • Kurtis' Path
  • The Great Maze


  • There really is no "Sword of Musashi" weapon, Miyamoto Musashi actually owned a bokken (bok(u), "wood", and ken,"sword") which was a wooden sword that he used against Sasaki Kojiro using the fighting style, "kenjtsu".
  • The story of the Bamboo Cutter will be used in part of a side-story.
  • Japan will be somewhat based on the Fatal Frame (Project Zero) series mostly focusing on the fourth game, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen).



Renders and Artwork

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