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Remark: This article describes the custom level Tomb Raider: Legacy . For information about the German fan film, see Tomb Raider Legacy.

Tomb Raider: Legacy is a fan-created game made by the LadyCroft team, made using the Level Editor.

The Story

The story revolves around an ancient book ( the book of death ) which contains instructions to the release of the demon of the underground. Because it is really dangerous weapon in wrong hands, the book was protected by the order of light (Lux Veritatis). It was safe for centuries. But what if there is a traitor inside the order? Then he must be stopped, right? And if so, what will you do, if that traitor is someone you love, someone who´s really important to you? Will you stay on the side of light? Or you´ll help him, although it may cause the apocalypse? This is the first decision that one of heroes from our story has to make.


Kraene - The character whom you play as for the first section of the game. A young woman living in an ancient Babylon. Her father is Gealen, who´s the main priest of the city and member of the order of light. Kraene began the tale when she found out that her father is a traitor. You´ll meet her in the first part of game and help her to escape from the fortress with the book of death.

Lara Croft - presented as an intelligent, athletic, and somewhat reckless English woman of noble birth who travels the world in pursuit of priceless artifacts. Known as both an archaeologist and an adventurer, she frequently ventures into ancient, and often very dangerous, tombs and ruins.

Kurtis Trent - Kurtis Trent, ex-Legionnaire and adventurer, was born on June 26 1972 in Salt Flats, Utah, USA. When he was only three years old, Kurtis was trained by his father Konstantin as a Lux Veritatis initiate, an ancient order now being ruthlessly hunted down by Eckhardt and the Cabal. At sixteen, Kurtis underwent the most intense stage of his Lux Veritatis initiation. Upon reaching nineteen, he disappeared and joined the Foreign Legion, changing his name to Trent. He stayed hidden within the Legion for five years but was constantly assaulted by bizarre events linked to the occult. It is here he adopts the nickname "Demon Hunter".

Jill Heaton - She is the one who´s been having interest in legends and tales since she was a child. Now she lives in New York. Lara needs to find her and ask her some questions which could lead her to someone who´s disappeared and she tries to find.

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