The Queen of Venom (Enemy)

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The Queen of Venom

Lara Croft GO

Enemy Type Giant Snake
Weapons Swallows Lara whole
Weakness Can not be shot, has to be crushed using the surroundings

The Queen of Venom (or simply the Giant Snake) is the boss enemy in Lara Croft GO. The Queen is a huge Snake that lingers in the abandoned temple complex and tires to prevent Lara from reaching The Atlas of Beyond.


The Queen has red and black scales on her back and black and white stripes on her belly. It has huge fangs and a split tongue.


The Queen of Venom first appears in the background of The Escape, crawling around and biding her time. Lara finally has to confront her in The Maze of Spirits where she has to use her surroundings to get rid of her, since killing her with bullets does not work.


To avoid getting swallowed by the snake, Lara has to move away from the squares marked with an orange stripe. When stepping onto such a square, the Queen will become attentive (see picture) and attack in the next move. After an attack she needs four moves to get back into her starting position; during that time Lara can freely move about the marked squares without fear of attack.


The Queen can not be killed with gun fire, she has to be crushed using the surroundings.

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