The Merlin Stone

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The Merlin Stone
Graphic Novels
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Release Date N/A (UK)
Writer Dan Jurgens
Pencil Andy Park
Ink Jonathan Sibal
Colors Jonathan D. Smith
Letters Dennis Heisler

The Merlin Stone is a Graphic Novel (Comic).


Titan Books, the UK's largest publisher of graphic novels, presents the second collection featuring Lara Croft - Tomb Raider! This UK edition features a variant cover by Andy Park, and a cover gallery featuring Andy Park and fan-favourite artist Michael Turner.In her quest for ancient treasures and artefacts, Lara Croft has come up against some tough customers and found herself in some tight spots. This time, though, the past has teeth... and Lara's on the menu! Lara gets more than she bargained for when she goes in pursuit of the Merlin Stone, a mystical bauble once owned by King Arthur's enchanter. Soon though it's goodbye dusty fossils and hello Tyrannosaurus Rex, as Lara and her companions find themselves in a lost world full of dinosaurs, at the mercy of the dreaded Morgan Le Fay! Soft Cover Part Colour.