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To use this template, copy the following into the gear (tool, weapon, key,...), documents or relics/artefact article and fill it in. Do not delete unused variables from the infobox. Leave them open instead. Remove commentary tags <!-- and --> to add a certain template element.

Most of the elements are for artefacts only!!! (e.g. created_date, created_place, disappeared_date, disappeared_place, found_date, found_place, destroyed_date, destroyed_place, current_status)

{{Infobox Gear
| name                      =
| image                     =
| type                      = 
| properties                =
| occurrence_game           =
| occurrence_movie          =
| occurrence_comic          =
| occurrence_book           =
| created_date              =
| created_place             =
| disappeared_date          =
| disappeared_place         =
| found_date                =
| found_place               =
| destroyed_date            =
| destroyed_place           =
| current_status            =
'''???Gear item name???''' is a <!--[[Weapon]], [[Pickup]], [[Key]], [[Tool]], [[Relic]], [[Document]]...--> in [[Name of the Game]], [[Name of the Level]].


<!--==History ==-->
<!--Artefacts only-->

<!--Artefacts only!-->
<!--Where does it come from, who created it...-->

<!-- within the Tomb Raider storyline-->

<!--What is it, what does it look like.-->

<!--Artefacts only! what does it do-->

<!--==Historical Precedent ==-->
<!-- Artefacts only-->
<!--a few words about the real world precedent, if such a thing exists; e.g. for Excalibur, the Ark of the Covenant...-->


<!--==Related Articles==-->
<!--e.g. [[King Arthur]] for Excalibur; [[Medusa]] for Medusa's Mask; [[Pandora]] for Pandora's Box-->

<!--if there are any references-->