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September 2017

  • Tomb Raider Movie Trailer Released
You can watch the TOMB RAIDER (Trailer F1)‎‎ that has been announced yesterday now on any of the social media outlets for the Reboot Movie, e.g.: Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube
  • Teaser Trailer for Next Years Tomb Raider Movie Online
A short teaser trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider Movie had been released today; the complete 2+ minute trailer will hit tomorrow!
Articles:2017/09/18/Tomb Raider Movie Teaser Trailer

August 2017

  • Fan-made Tomb Raider II Remake Demo Published
Today tombraider-dox.com published a demo of their fan-made Tomb Raider II remake
Articles:2017/08/31/Fan-made Tomb Raider II Remake Demo Published