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Question on the surname

  • Not as this is the world's most urgent matter, but is Pierre's surname "DuPont" or "Dupont"?--The Poet (talk) 16:04, 1 January 2013 (CET)

Which came first: TR1 or Rome (TRC)

The official Tomb Raider files state that Chronicles, Rome came before the events of Tomb Raider. -> Problem solved. --Tombraidergirl 15:44, 12 April 2007 (CEST)

Old discussions:

How could Pierre be in two games and which one was first?

In Chronicles it was said, that the quest for the Philosopher's Stone was one of Lara's first adventures.

And at the beginning of Tomb Raider 1 it seemed as if Lara had done this kind of job often before.

So I assumed Chronicles was first. In both games it seemed as if Pierre got killed.

- Shot by Lara in the Tomb of Tihocan in Tomb Raider 1.

- Falling down into the depth in the Colosseum in Chronicles.

Pierre's Death

I think that Pierre appeared in Tomb Raider I before Chronicles as it is more likely that he would surviver bullet wounds than a huge fall into a pit!

Controversy over death and events of TR1/Chronicles

This is how I see it:

In Tomb Raider, Larson uses a handgun with a lasersight attached (a much more modern weapon). In Chronicles, he uses a Revolver. We also know that Larson works with Pierre DuPont.

It is assumed in ONE of the games that Pierre has been killed off, just as Larson managed to dodge a bullet in TR1.

Pierre is - Shot by Lara in the Tomb of Tihocan in Tomb Raider 1, but we clearly SEE his body lying dead so there is no exception here, the man is dead unless by some magical feat of supernatural interference he is ressurected from the dead which is unlikely in this case (but still a possibility).

- Falling down into the depth in the Colosseum in Chronicles. We know from previous experience of TR games that characters that fall down pits i.e. TR4 end up surviving, so it is logical to believe that the reason Pierre seems to be able to track and hide across the entire European Level of TR1 so well is because he knows the area pretty well i.e. he knows the nooks can crannies of the place inside and out and is able to oddly disappear out of thin air in TR1 when you give chase.

Therefore it is my belief by rational consideration that Chronicles occurs prior to TR1 due to the manner in which Lara also communicates with Larson/Pierre in the first game (TR1), it would appear as though she "may" have had an encounter with them and seems familiar with Larson's double-crossing as well as Pierre's manner, and it would justify why Pierre survives in the Colosseum and being able to understand his whereabouts well enough to have discovered the Tomb of Tihocan, only he was unaware of the scion at this time (Chronicles), and would later re-enter the Colosseum when requested by Ms. Natla to uncover the scion.

This is my understanding of the entire events. It's doubtful that Larson would manage to survive gunshot wounds twice in a row after re-appearing in Egypt later. Of course it is also plausible that the two faked their own deaths, but this did not appear to be the case in TR1 as we could clearly see their dead bodies lying on the floor after Lara had shot them down for the second time in Larson's case, and the final time in DuPont's. Piecraft 13:18, 6 June 2006 (CEST)

Point on the colisseum

That all sounds reasonable, but you've mistaken the Colisseum in TR5 for the one in the original game. They are, in fact, quite different. I've not played 5 recently, but I'm 90% certain that the colisseum featured there is the real colisseum in Rome. The one in TR, however, is an entirely different construction, built on top of Tihocan's tomb in Turkey/Greece/Italy and should not really be called a colisseum at all (it's an amphitheatre, the colisseum was only named such because of the colossus of Nero which stood near it, i.e. it is not a generic term).

That said, I do agree with you, I've always considered the section in 5 to be set before the original TR. You present a lot of evidence that I agree with.