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Born unknown, probably early 1990s
Occupation Leader of the Remnant
Parents Jacob and Alya
Game(s) Rise of the Tomb Raider

Sofia it a member of the Remnant, a seclusive people living in a Geothermal Valley near the lost city of Kitezh. She is one of the main characters in Rise of the Tomb Raider and daughter of the Prophet Jacob. She is probably named after Jacob's first wife[1].


Before Rise of the Tomb Raider

Before Lara coming to the valley Sofia seems to have been the leader of a small group of hunters that provides meat for the inhabitants of the valley. She seems to be a very good archer and well respected within the community, although she seems to be fearful or even hostile towards outsiders, adopting a kind of "shoot first, ask questions later" approach.

Little is known about her childhood. Her mother, Alya, seems to have died when she was very young. She seems to have been raised mostly by her father, Jacob, who's devotedness to his people seems to let him at times have neglected her a bit, which in turn let her grow up to be an independent adult. The relation towards her father seems cold sometimes, but not without respect for one another.

During Rise of the Tomb Raider

Sofia holding a speech

Lara first encounters Sophia in the Siberian Wilderness where she and two other Remnant are being chased by Trinity mercenaries. They meet again later and she tells Lara with an arrow pointing at her to leave the Remnant alone and stop her quest for the Divine Source or else she would sooner or later have to face the consequences.

After travelling through the Abandoned Mines and getting separated from Jacob, Lara emerges in the Valley to again find Sofia blocking her way. She accuses her of having betrayed her father and is about to shoot at her. Only the timely arrival of Jacob via another path saves Lara.

Later on the relation between Lara and Sofia gets steadily better as Lara does everything in her power to ally herself with the Remnant.

After Rise of the Tomb Raider

After Jacob dies along with the other Deathless when Lara destroys the Divine Source Sofia takes up the part of the leader of the village, trying to follow in her dead fathers footsteps. It seems that most of the inhabitants are willing to stay even after the Source has been destroyed and there is no real reason to continue living as outcasts, although there is also talk of leaving, especially among the younger people.

Family and Friends

Her father, the Prophet
Her mother

Further Information

  • Real Name: Sofia
  • Age: Mid 20s (no exact date of birth is given)
  • Nationality: Remnant (technically Russian, as she was born in Siberia)
  • Occupation: Huntress, leader of the Remnant

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