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Slippery When Wet Advertisement

Slippery When Wet is the first expansion for the Collectible Card Game, released in November of 1999.

From the rooftops of London to the fabled sunken city of Atlantis, the adventures of Lara Croft have captivated millions of electronic game players across the world.
Now join Lara Croft for Amazing Adventures above and below the waterline. Take the game to the next level with new "Oxygen Supply" rules, perilous sea locations and plenty of cool new underwater gear.
~ Package Description

The set consists of 209 cards, plus an additional 3 promotional cards.

The following products were for sale...
  • PDN 60006 - Starter Display Box (10 decks, 5 of each type)
  • PDN 60007 - Quest Deck - (Pacific Peril and Neptune's Fury)
  • PDN 60008 - Booster Display Box (48 packs)
  • PDN 60009 - Booster Pack (8 cards)


S001BeachPacific Location
Pacific Peril
Quest Deck
S002The ShallowsPacific Location
S003WhirlpoolPacific Location (Wet)
S004Quiet ChamberPacific Location
S005Underground LakePacific Location (Wet)
S006Boulder FieldPacific Location
S007IntersectionPacific Location
S008Underwater TrenchPacific Location (Wet)
S009Underwater TunnelsPacific Location (Wet)
S010Sea CavesPacific Location (Wet)
S011Hidden LairPacific Location
S012Underwater CavernPacific Location (Wet)
S013Storage AreaPacific Location
S014Underground RiverPacific Location (Wet)
S015Cavern CorridorPacific Location
S016Sunken HallwayPacific Location (Wet)
S017Corner RoomPacific Location
S018CanalPacific Location (Wet)
S019Lara Croft, Scuba DiverRaider
S020Pearl of the PacificTreasure
S022SharkCreature Obstacle (Wet)
S023Snorkeling GogglesItem Discovery
S024Swept AwayAction
S025RiptideTrap Obstacle (Wet)
S026Diving PlatformRoman Location
Neptune's Fury
Quest Deck
S027Fountain RoomRoman Location
S028Neptune's SanctumRoman Location (Wet)
S029Blocked PassageRoman Location
S030The Dark DeepRoman Location (Wet)
S031Abandoned ChamberRoman Location
S032Underwater ArenaRoman Location (Wet)
S033Hidden Back RoomRoman Location
S034Forgotten CorridorRoman Location
S035Crate RoomRoman Location
S036Submerged RampRoman Location (Wet)
S037Sunken PlatformRoman Location (Wet)
S038Crawl SpaceRoman Location
S039Underwater PassageRoman Location (Wet)
S040Side PassagewayRoman Location
S041ChannelRoman Location (Wet)
S042Murky DepthsRoman Location (Wet)
S043PoolRoman Location (Wet)
S044Lara Croft, MarinerRaider
S045Neptune's TridentTreasure
S047Gigantic EelCreature Obstacle (Wet)
S048Diving FlippersItem Discovery
S049Defensive TacticsAction
S050Geyser EruptionTrap Obstacle
S051The Way ThroughAction
Common Cards
S052Small Medi PackItem Discovery
S053Magnum PistolsItem Discovery
S054Look AgainAction
S055Pit TrapTrap Obstacle
S056Hidden ExitTrigger Discovery
S057Triggered DoorTrigger Discovery
S058Save PointTrigger Discovery
S059Air PocketTrigger Discovery
S060Drain TriggerTrigger Discovery
S061FrogmanCreature Obstalce (Wet/Dry)
S062RatsCreature Obstalce (Wet/Dry)
S063CrocodileCreature Obstalce (Wet/Dry)
S064Strong CurrentsTrap Obstalce (Wet)
S065DarkTrap Obstalce (Wet/Dry)
S066Shark KnifeItem Discovery
S067Slick SurfaceTrap Obstacle
S068Air TankItem Discovery
S069Lara Croft, OceanographerUpgrade
S070Steady AimAction
S071Over AchieverAction
S072Panic AttackAction
S073Flotsam and JetsamAction
S075Ready, Set, GoAction
S076Blood in the WaterAction
S077First Off the LineAction
S078HarpoonsItem Discovery
S080Go in ShootingAction
S081No Pain, No GainAction
S082Angry NativeCreature Obstacle
S083Ride the WaveAction
S084Monkey SwingAction
S086Sleight of HandAction
S087Last GaspAction
S088Native GuideCompanion Discovery
S089Watery GraveAction
S090You LoseAction
S091Sudden DropAction
S092Roll With ItAction
S093Scouting MissionAction
S094Recycle ResourcesAction
S095MudTrap Obstacle
S096Underwater GrateTrap Obstacle (Wet)
S097Hidden TrapAction
S098MonkeyCreature Obstacle
S099SnakeCreature Obstacle
S100ChalkItem Discovery
S101Captain's CabinShipwreck Location
Uncommon Cards
S102Treasure HoldShipwreck Location (Wet)
S103The HullShipwreck Location (Wet)
S104The BallroomShipwreck Location
S105Boiler RoomShipwreck Location
S106Engine RoomShipwreck Location
S107Below DecksShipwreck Location (Wet)
S108Sunken WreckageShipwreck Location (Wet)
S109Lower ChamberShipwreck Location (Wet)
S110StaircaseShipwreck Location
S111KeelShipwreck Location (Wet)
S112StarboardShipwreck Location (Wet)
S113Port SideShipwreck Location (Wet)
S114Upper DeckShipwreck Location
S115Cargo HoldShipwreck Location
S116Dark HallwayShipwreck Location
S117GangplankShipwreck Location
S118Navigation RoomShipwreck Location
S119Killer WhalesCreature Obstacle (Wet)
S120Harpoon GunItem Discovery
S122False TrailAction
S123No RetreatAction
S124Mother LoadAction
S125Reverse PlayAction
S128Gun BeltItem Discovery
S129Mechanical CogItem Discovery
S130Propulsion UnitItem Discovery
S131ParrotCompanion Discovery
S132Flood GateTrigger Discovery
S133Drain PipeTrigger Discovery
S134Depth GaugeItem Discovery
S135Ornate KeyItem Discovery
S136QuicksandTrap Obstacle
S137Mud SlideTrap Obstacle
S138Collapsing PillarsTrap Obstacle
S139Moment of TriumphAction
S140King of the HillAction
S141Puzzle TrapTrap Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
S142Sliding PlatesTrap Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
S143Spinning PlatformTrap Obstacle
S144Beat FeetAction
S145Underwater GrappleAction
S146ZombieCreature Obstacle
S147Torn LooseAction
S148PiranhasCreature Obstacle (Wet)
S149Shiva StatueCreature Obstacle
S150Rig WorkerCreature Obstacle
S151Watery CryptRoman Location (Wet)
Rare Cards
S152Echo CavernPacific Location
S153Secret DepthsAtlantis Location (Wet)
S154Twisting TunnelCave Location (Wet)
S155Flooded ForkTomb Location (Wet)
S156Testing ChamberLocation
S157Water SpoutLocation
S158Floating ChamberLocation
S159PunaCreature Obstacle
S160Rig BossCreature Obstacle
S161ShivaCreature Obstacle
S162Open PitTrap Obstacle
S163Whirling BladesTrap Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
S164Cage TrapTrap Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
S165Blow GunItem Discovery
S166Friendly SoldierCompanion Discovery
S167Shark ToothItem Discovery
S168Roman IdolItem Discovery
S169Leather GlovesItem Discovery
S170GrenadeItem Discovery
S171Rest and RecoverAction
S172Secrets RevealedAction
S173Limiting OptionsAction
S175It Belongs in a MuseumAction
S176Maximizing ResourcesAction
S177Mapped TerrainAction
S178Hand of MidasTreasure
S179Dread Robert's EyeTreasure
S180Pieces of EightTreasure
S181Davy Jones' LockerTreasure
S182Horn of the SeaTreasure
S183Lara Croft, Code BreakerRaider
S184Lara Croft, CrusaderRaider
S185Lara Croft, AthleteRaider
S186Lara Croft, OlympianUpgrade
S187Lara Croft, StrategistUpgrade
S188Lara Croft, Tactician Upgrade
S189Lara Croft, NavigatorUpgrade
S190Lara Croft, Tomb RaiderUpgrade
S191Skateboard Kid, Mad ThrasherUpgrade
S192The Bald Man, Man HunterUpgrade
S193Larsen, Master ThiefUpgrade
S194Pierre, Renaissance ManUpgrade
S195Cowboy, Sharp ShooterUpgrade
S196Sergeant SteelRaider
S197Black BeardRaider
S201Damage ControlSecret Move
Ultra Rare Cards
S202Costume ChangeSecret Move
S203High and DrySecret Move
S204Age of AquariusSecret Move
S205Tools of the TradeSecret Move
S206Aquatic SpecialistSecret Move
S207Team LeaderSecret Move
S208Hidden ManeuversSecret Move
S209Charmed LifeSecret Move
214Keep Your CoolAction
Promo Cards
215A Small FavorAction
216Lara Croft, SirenUpgrade