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The shadow powers of the doppelgänger revolve around her shadow meter. When it is filled she can perform the following attacks:


Shadow Blast - This is an attack where one can kill several enemies at once. (This attack is very useful when surrounded by enemies.)

Shadow Fire - This is an attack where one is able to fire the doppelgänger's pistols at a very high rate. (This attack is not very powerful.)

Shadow Strike - This is a very powerful punch that the doppelgänger performs to finish off enemies. (Very effective, but not when fighting several enemies at once.)


Traversing Rock Viens - The doppelgänger can do this only when her shadow meter is filled. When it runs out she will slip and fall back to the ground.

Shadow Sprinting - This is a tactic for getting away from danger. The shadow meter has to have some juice in it.

Ledge Running - The Doppelgänger can run along ledges very fast when the shadow meter is filled.

Shadow Acrobatics - This is a line of gymnastics at a very fast pace. Useful for dodging eitr or for just showing off!


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