Secrets of the Past

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Secrets of the Past is a level in the Blood Ties story set in Croft Manor, part of the Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. It starts shortly after leaving the Wine Cellar and just as Lara enters the Library.


Lara has to find the combination to the safe that is hidden somewhere in the manor. In order to do so she has to first collect a sheet of paper, the Safe Combination Clue, a list which includes Lara's First Find, Lord Croft's favourite panting by Amelia - which supposedly can be found in the Atelier -, and their wedding anniversary - which is located in the Master Bedroom.

Nearby she can find the Old Lighter which can be used to light fireplaces.

In order to reach the top of the bookshelf Lara has to first move the ladder, go up, move the boxes up there, and then again move the ladder to it's original position. Upstairs she finds the Expedition Map called Lara's Childhood.

She can also find the Master Key, a new item for her Gear, which enables her to open almost every door in the manor, underneath a desk.

Finally, Lara leaves the Library to investigate the West Wing, a part of the manor she was forbidden to enter by her father when she was a child.


  • "Use the Servant's Passage to reach the Library"
  • "Search for the combination in the Library"
  • "Search the Library for remaining combination clues" - two clues can be found.
  • "Search for the combination relics in the Library, Atelier and Master Bedroom"