Red Flares

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Remark: This article describes the Red Flares in Tomb Raider Legend. For information about the item used to bring light to darkness in the Classic Games, see Flares.

A Red Flare on the grouond

Red Flares are part of Lara's gear in Tomb Raider Legend. These Flares are only used in a flash back mini level in Peru - Return to Paraíso.

From the official site

Back before light sources became more portable, reliable, and resuable, flares were the standard for lighting up the interior of dark tombs. Lara's favourites were always single use stronium nitrate flares with a plastic wind resistant cap for easy lighting.

In Game

They are used in the middle of the Peru level while Lara is having a flashback in Tomb Raider Legend. It is thrown like frag grenade in Legend, press the thrown key to throw flare forward while hold the key will make Lara throw the flare farther away.

Lara will have infinite amount of flares in the game, but only two flares can stay lit at the same time.