Ornamental Firestone

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Ornamental Firestone

The Ornamental Firestone is an item in the mobile game Quest for Cinnabar. It has the item code QC2063.


It may look like an ornament, but when held up to the light, the reflections through the crystal cast strange partial runes on the walls. Lara recalls a page in the Osiris Codex that she was unable to read. Is it possible that these partial runes combined with the unknown symbols in the Codex might result in an understandable message? Carefully opening the Codex to the appropriate page and positioning the crystal to reflect upon it, Lara is able to decipher the hidden message. The message details how the ancients used amber to preserve precious items, but specially hardened it so only the hottest fires could melt the amber and release the perfectly preserved item inside. It seems strange that such a message should be so well hidden, but maybe there is a reason for the secrecy. [1]


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