Lord Croft's Safe

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Lord Croft's Safe

Lord Croft's Safe is located in the Study inside the Manor in the Blood Ties DLC of the Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration.

Opening the Safe

The safe can only be opened after obtaining all the clues need; these can be found in several throughout the manor, namely the Library, her mother's Atelier, and the Master Bedroom. The combination is 549, but even if the player knows this from a previous play-through, Lara won't enter it on the keypad.

Lara hopes that the safe contains the Last Will and Testament of her father Richard, which would help her in proving that the manor belongs to her, preventing her uncle Atlas de Mornay from evicting her. Instead, the safe only contains another clue which leads to Lord Croft's Secret Vault.

Opening the safe for the first time, the player gains the Trophy/Achievement "Master Detective".


Lord Croft's Safe is a big brown metal safe with the lettering "Sinex Safe Co." on it set into the wall beside the desk. In addition to a number pad it has a big handle on the front.