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Levelbuilding Tools:

This section is not complete, nor does it intend to be complete. There are many programs out there that can be used with the level editor. It would be difficult to find them all and list them here. wikiraider.com is not associated with any of the links below.

Since the Level Editor only provides basic functions for building levels you might need additional tools.

  • Metasequoia ([1]) is a shareware/freeware 3d CAD program. You can use it to build your own objects. It is a bit complicated to use. But since it is free (at least the LE version) and professional 3d CAD programs are expensive this is nothing that should stop you from at least trying it.
  • Strpix ([2]) is a program to retexture existing objects. It also lets you import and export objects from the wad-files used by the level editor to the common dfx format supported by almost any CAD program.
  • pixstr ([3]) can be used to extract objects form any tr* (original game levels as well as custom levels) file. It is also possible to retexture objects and more.
  • wadmerger ([4]) is a program to copy objects from one wad file to another.