Jerome "The Kid" Johnson

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Jerome "The Kid" Johnson
Died 1996
Lost Island
Nationality American
Occupation Natla's henchman
Game(s) Tomb Raider Anniversary
Voice Phil Tanzini

Jerome "The Kid" Johnson is a character in Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

In addition to giving the character a name and a background story, during his appearances in Tomb Raider Anniversary his skateboard was removed. Toby Gard explained in the unlockable commentary that it made less sense to have him on a skateboard. [1]

Info From The Game

The Kid was small-time gang leader in Los Angeles until his crew tried to carjack Jacqueline Natla's limousine. Natla's bodyguard, Kin Kade, eliminated the entire gang but spared the Kid by his employer's request. Natla needed a contact in the West Coast criminal underground and the fast-talking Kid fit the job description. The Kid holds a grudge against Kin Kade for the murder of his blood brothers, but he's just smart enough not to act on any retaliatory impulses.

As Opponent

Main article: Kid

Jerome "The Kid" Johnson is killed during an interactive cutscene in Tomb Raider Anniversary.

See Also

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