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The Holsters Lara Croft use to store her Guns are one of her most iconic accessories. She can be seen wearing them in almost every Tomb Raider Games to date, as well as in the two Tomb Raider Movies. Within the games, their purpose is to carry whichever handgun/s (up to two) Lara has currently equipped.

In the Classic as well as the first three Crystal Dynamics games the holsters usually appear to be made of black or dark brown leather, and are secured to Lara's outer, upper thighs. The top of each holster is attached to her belt by straps of the same material, while the bottom of either holster is held in place by a strap running around her thigh.

Since the release of the first Tomb Raider game both fans and critics have occasionally questioned the practicality of Lara's holsters; many have suggested the unrealistic strap arrangement was in fact designed to remind gamers of a garter belt and stockings. Lara's holsters have famously caused costume problems for real-life Lara models employed by Eidos as well as in the live-action films specifically due to their impracticalities, thigh-straps in particular.[citation needed]

Since the Reboot and its sequel Rise of the tomb Raider the holsters have evolved into something more practical and resemble real life holsters. As she only carries one handgun, she also has only one holster.


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