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Herbal Mixtures are a new game element in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. To create a Herbal Mixture, Lara has to collect certain plants. After acquiring the necessary Skills she than can use these for Crafting mixtures that enhance her abilities.

Types of Mixtures

There are three kinds of Mixtures: Focus, Perception, and Endurance. Focus Mixtures can be used to slow down time during battle, as long as Lara is aiming her weapon. Perception Mixtures enable Lara to see special objects in her surroundings even when not using Survival Instincts. When using Endurance Mixtures Lara can withstand more injuries. Furthermore, Lara can use the Healing properties of some of the Medicinal Plants she finds in the jungle as Medicine.

Lara can use her knowledge of HERBAL MIXTURES to heal herself and temporarily enhance her abilities. HOLD L1 to view and use HERBAL MIXTURES. The effect of each recipe are temporary. Re-apply the effect by crafting the desired recipe again.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Survival Guide, PS4 Version


During gameplay the herbal mixtures menu can be brought up by holding the Left Trigger (Xbox One) or Left1.gif (PS4) button. Healing is then available by pressing (A) (Xbox One) or Act.gif (PS4). The other Herbal Mixtures can be accessed by pressing (Y) or (Triangle) to make Lara use Perception, Act.gif or (Triangle) for Focus, and (B) or (Circle) for Endurance, using up her stock of the corresponding plants.

HOLD L1 top open HERBAL MIXTURES list.
On-screen Info, PS4 Version

List of Plants Used For Herbal Mixtures

There are multiple plants growing in the jungle which can be collected and have different properties:

Healing Plants

Healing Plants, as well as the contents of Medkits, count as Medicine in Lara's inventory.

Perception Plants

To be able to use Perception Mixtures, Lara has to first learn the Eye of the Eagle Skill.

HOLD (L1) then TAP (Triangle) to use PERCEPTION plants. PERCEPTION plants allow Lara to sense ANIMALS and NATURAL RESOURCES throughout the environment.
On-screen Info, PS4 version

Focus Plants

Endurance Plants