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Resources help you to write and expand articles.

Certain articles are grouped together, (e.g. Category:Enemies, Category:Levels) and always contain the same type of information (e.g. the game the level belongs to, the number of the level within the game, the length, the enemies, traps, pick-ups within a level). Most of these types have their own info-box and a scaffolding for the layout of the article. They can be found at: Common Page Type Samples

A list of samples (scaffolds for articles, e.g. info boxes) that have not been approved yet. Please give your ideas and suggestions. The ultimate decision which sample is approved lies with the moderation of WikiRaider.

Certain information should be included in an article through a template. This makes sense, when the same information is very common and may change. In this case only the template will be included in the article and all changes made in the template will be carried on to the article. Also the same information does not have to be stated again and again. (e.g. the levels of a game; the weapons, enemies, traps in a game)
Sometimes (in most cases when an article that might refer to other items as well, like the Croft Manor) a remark should be added to the top of the page, there is also a template for that.
Other Templates might be those used for marking pages that need attention