Griffin-Head Protome

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Griffin-Head Protome
Griffin-Head Protome.jpg
Found 1996
Current Status In Lara's treasure vault
Game(s) Tomb Raider Anniversary
Level Found Greece - Midas's Palace

The Griffin-Head Protome is one of the Relics in Tomb Raider Anniversary. It is found in the level Greece - Midas's Palace.

It's the last of two relics fond in the level. To get it, Lara must succeed in a timed run for it in the room with the pillars with flames. After finding and pulling a switch that raises a pillar, revealing the artefact in a niche, Lara has about 45 seconds to swim to it.

The Griffin-Head Protome is described as archaic Greek art:

Griffin heads were fitted on bronze cauldrons or drinking vessels in archaic Greek art ca 700 BCE and served as talismans to ward off evil spirits.
In-game information [1]


Head of a griffin, supposedly made of bronze.


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