Ghalali Key

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Ghalali Key
Found 2006
Himalayas, Nepal
Game(s) Tomb Raider Legend
Level Found Nepal - The Ghalali Key
Level Used Nepal - The Ghalali Key

The Ghalali Key is the second main artifact featured in Tomb Raider: Legend.

The Ghalali Key is as significant as Excalibur itself, becase it is the key of fitting the broken parts of Excalibur together. Because of this it was sought after by James Rutland and Amanda Evert.

In Tomb Raider: Legend, Lara finds the Ghalali Key at the front of the plane, which crashed in Nepal when she was a young girl, and it is retrieved in the Nepal - The Ghalali Key level of the game. The key is not placed on the sword, Lara puts it back to her pocked after reforging the Excalibur.


The Ghalali Key was said to have been a gift to Amelia Croft from her husband and Lara's father, Richard Croft to replace a pendant she lost in Ghana, South Africa. [1]


After Lara has found all of the pieces of the sword Excalibur, she discovers that something is missing. The pieces of the sword need to be fitted together somehow using a special key. She remembers a familiar sight - the pendant her mother wore! Lara then travels to Nepal to get the Ghalali Key from the plane wreck of the tragic accident.


Small, black piece with carvings and green detals. Similar decorations as the Excalibur has.


The Ghalali Key is very significant to the sword Excalibur. Without it, the pieces of the sword cannot be joined together. When Lara brings it near the pieces, both the Ghalali Key and the sword Excalibur start to glow with a green light. The Ghalali Key gradually emits very bright light, and the sword is then forged together.

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  1. Winston Smith tells it to Lara in an in-game cutscene