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Breathing Apparatus

Found 2003
Louvre, Paris, France
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness

The Respirators (also Gas Masks) are special gear that Lara can find in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. Inside the Louvre is a case containing three Respirators.

The case can first be seen in the Louvre Galleries level, and can not be opened until the Galleries Under Siege level. However, there is a trick that enables you to get them earlier. Walk up to the case and crouch down. While Lara is about to crouch the hand symbol appears, press crouch and action and Lara will grab one of the masks. You can repeat this until all of the masks have been picked.

The Respirators can be used underwater like the Aqua - lung. When using the bug in the Louvre Galleries, they can be used in Neptune's Hall and also later in the level The Vault of Trophies, giving Lara a big advantage.

Don't save underwater: Lara can breathe but she's not invincible, and the Breath Bar will still eventually run out despite of using the Respirators/Aqua - lung.

When you get back to the Galleries Under Siege all respirators will be back in the case and can be picked up again, to be used to prevent Lara from taking damage from poisonous gas.

In-game Information

Protects against dangerous fumes during restoration processes.
Inventory [1]

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