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The Expedition Challenges are Challenges found in the Expeditions in Rise of the Tomb Raider. In almost every game mode (be it Score Attack, Chapter Replay, Chapter Replay Elite, Endurance, Cold Darkness, or Lara's Nightmare) there are five different slots that can be filled with challenges at the beginning of an expedition. The only exceptions are Remnant Resistance, which does not feature challenges, and Endurance Co-Op, where each of the two players gets to pick two challenges, adding up to four instead of five.

Score Attack, Chapter Replay & Chapter Replay Elite

Main article: Replay Challenges

In Score Attack, as well as in Chapter Replay and Chapter Replay Elite, where these are called Replay Challenges, you get a set number of challenges for each game, that don't depend on the mode you are playing. But please note that a handful of levels (Mountain Peak, Hunting Grounds and Wicked Vale) are not available in Score Attack. As for the other levels, they each have six challenges (Chain Reaction, Chain Reaction II, Chain Reaction III, Pickup Collector, Pickup Collector II and Pickup Collector III) that are not available in Chapter Replay, as they pertain to achieving a combo chain or collecting score pickups.


Challenge Description Credits Earned
Who Needs A Map? Locate 5 crypts. 1000
Archaeologist Collect at least 5 Artifacts in a single expedition. 500
Master Archaeologist Collect at least 10 Artifacts in a single expedition. 1000
The Old Ways Collect all the parts for Grim Whisper Bow. 1000
Raider Open 5 Codices or Sarcophagi. 1000
Skillful Raider Open 5 Codices or Sarcophagi without getting caught in a trap. 1500
Fast Reflexes Destroy 3 ceiling spike traps after being caught in them. 500
Observant Activate 3 ankle traps without being caught in them. 500
Well Done Eat the meat of 5 birds, squirrels or rabbits killed with fire. 1000
Overcooked Eat the meat of 5 deer killed with explosive arrows. 1000
Still Tastes Good Eat the meat of 5 wolves that were killed with poison damage. 1000
Carnivore Eat 1 of every animal. 1500
Happy Camper Survive for 5 days. 500
Nature Retreat Survive 7 days. 1000
Great Outdoors Survive for 10 days. 1500
Survivalist Survive 5 days without ever freezing or starving. 1000
Nope Escape the forest on day one, without recovering any artifacts. 1000
Vegetarian Escape after surviving for 3 days, with at least 3 artifacts, without eating meat. 1000
Vacation Escape the forest after surviving for 7 days. 500
Great Haul Escape the forest after surviving 10 days, with at least 10 Artifacts. 1000
Roughed Up Escape the forest while both freezing and starving. 1000
Great Escape Escape the Siberian wilderness with 5 or more Artifacts. 500
Great Escape II Escape the Siberian wilderness with 10 or more Artifacts. 1000
A Little Late Open the chest in the back of the snowcat after collecting 5 artifacts. 1000
One Way To Do It Warm up from freezing by standing in fire. 500
Nomad Light up 5 camps. 500
Ice in the Veins Kill 5 enemies while freezing. 1000
Sharpshooter Kill 10 birds. 1000
Deer Hunter Kill 10 deer. 1000
Hare-brained Kill 10 rabbits. 1000
Small Game Kill 5 squirrels. 1000
Packmaster Kill 7 wolves. 500
Call Me Curiosity Kill 5 giant cats. 1500
Overbearing Kill 5 Bears. 1500
Desperate Measures Kill a bear while starving. 1000
Archer Kill 5 enemies with the bow. 500
Quiet Killer Stealth kill 5 enemies with the bow. 500
Into Darkness Kill 5 enemies with melee finishers. 1000
Accurate Kill 5 enemies with headshots. 500
Bullet Holes Execute 10 enemies with head shots using a pistol. 500
Shadow Killer Kill 15 enemies undetected. 500
Brawler Kill 5 enemies with melee attacks. 500
Back Stabber Kill 5 Enemies with melee stealth attack. 1000
Cocktail Party Kill 5 enemies using molotovs. 500
Gunslinger Kill 3 enemies with a pistol. 500
Poisonous Kill 5 enemies with poison arrows. 500
Riddled With Holes Kill 5 Enemies with the rifle. 500
Close Quarters Kill 5 enemies with the shotgun. 500