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E3 Ambassadors represent the fan base or community at E3 in Los Angeles. This returning program is not only specific to Tomb Raider, but some other Square Enix games as well. Each time a number of Fan Site Webmasters is invited to join press conferences and interview game developers.


The 2012 Ambassadors were:

  • Official Eidos Forums
Ambassador: Chip Henson
Country: United States
  • LaraCroft.Name
Ambassador: Lyubov Petrova
Country: United States
  • Lara Croft Online
Ambassador: Thomas Waskuc
Country: United States
  • Katie’s Tomb Raider Site
Ambassador: Katie Fleming
Country: Canada
  • Lara Daily
Ambassador: Conrado Dittrich
Country: Brazil
  • Tomb Raider Chronicles / Tomb Raider Forums
Ambassador: Jackles
Country: United Kingdom
  • Planet Lara
Ambassador: Daniel Barnes
Country: United Kingdom
  • Guns & Grapple
Ambassador: Jaden Morretti
Country: United Kingdom
  • Captain Alban
Ambassador: Clara
Country: France
  • Tomb Raider Online
Ambassador: Geoffrey Rossion
Country: France
  • Laraider
Ambassador: Elodie Boutet
Country: France
  • Tomb Raider Net
Ambassador: Steven Rouxel
Country: France
  • Lara’s Generation
Ambassador: Minerva
Country: Germany
  • tombraidergirl / Wikiraider
Ambassador: Jana Novatscheck
Country: Germany
  • Croft Generation
Ambassador: Sergio Montero Gargallo (SeRmOnGaR)
Country: Spain
  • Tomb Raider Russia
Ambassador: Sergey Khoroshykh
Country: Russia/Ukraine
  • Lara Croft Revolution
Ambassador: Domenico Giunchi (DomyRaider)
Country: Italy


The 2015 Ambassadors were:

  • Tomb of Ash
Ash Kapriyelov
Russian Representative
  • World of Tomb Raider
Bartosz Listewnik
Polish Representative
  • Brandon Klassen
Tomb Raider HQ
US/Canadian Representative
  • Henrique R. P. Menezes
Lara Croft Brasil
Brazilian Representative
  • Jack Valentine
Tomb Raider Forums Representative
  • Jan Beinersdorf
Wikiraider / tombraidergirl
German Representative
  • Marco
Allgame: Tomb Raider
Italian Representative
  • Maxime Turpin
Tombeau Croft
French Representative
  • Patrick Johnson
Official Square Enix Forums Representative
  • Rachel Perkins
Guns and Grapple
United Kingdom Representative
  • Rodrigo Martín Santos | Tomb Raider Collection | Spanish Representative