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Grant Müller
Tr6 traod dr.grantmuller.PNG
Died In the year 2003 [1]
Prague, Czech Republic
Occupation Professor at the Strahov
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness

Dr. Grant Müller is a professor who works in the Bio Research Facility located in the Strahov in Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. He is also a member of The Cabal.

When Lara goes to talk to him, he tells her more about Pieter van Eckhardt and his plans to bring the Nephilim race back to its glory by extracting "vital essences" [2] from The Sleeper that has been brought to the Strahov. According to Dr. Müller, "Meister Eckhardt", as Müller refers to him, has promised that The Cabal members will be granted with immoratality for their part in the plan.

In the end of the conversation between Dr. Müller and Lara, he attacks her by spraying some green substance on Lara, and after she recovers from this sudden attack, Dr. Müller has disappeared.

He is eventually eaten by Boaz in the cut scene before the level Boaz Returns.


  1. According to the timeline, Lara found the Obscura Paintings, Sanglyph and Periapt Shards in 2003, see Lara Croft
  2. The in-game dialogue


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