Dolmen Emerald

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Dolmen Emerald


Found 2004
Lotte Castle, Ireland

The Dolmen Emerald is an Artefact in the Top Cow Tomb Raider Comic Issue Tower of Souls.

When she was a schoolgirl Lara had heard the tale of the Dolmen Emerald. Since then she always wanted to go searching for it.

In the Comic story the Tower of Souls she finally travels to Ireland to visit Lotte Castle, where the emerald is presumably hidden.

After following a young girl that haunts the castle Lara finally discovers a little chest with the emerald. But she is interrupted by Dunleavy, the castle's caretaker. She can fight him off but is hunted by the creature The Elemental which is after the emerald.

And finally Lara is almost stopped by Ian O'Conner, the evil of the two sons of Mulroony O'Connor. But the Elemental interferes and Lara gives the Emerald to it.