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Amelia's Diary

Decisions is a Document in the Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration DLC Blood Ties. It belongs to the Amelia's Journals set and consists of a diary entry written by Lara's mother Amelia, telling us of the inner struggle she faced when she left behind her old family.

For the time she was with us, I hope it was enough. I hope it was worth it...

I'm at a crossroads now. Good lord, that's such a cliché. But there's truth in it. Two roads before me, both present joy and compromise. A life with Richard... adventure, intellectual pursuit, perhaps a new family. But also a man obsessed with something I cannot understand. Or... a life of obligation. Upholding the De Mornay name, embracing our traditions. Not losing the family that raised me.

This really is a rubbish choice. I don't want to lose them. But I love the life I've started to build with Richard. He comes with his own difficulties, but I can accept them.

Will it be enough?