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There are a lot of things that lead to the death of Lara Croft caused by depletion of her Energy.

She can be killed by an enemy. Most of the times these deaths are not instantly and can be avoided by killing the enemy quickly or by taking a First Aid Item. Causes for the death brought by an enemy might be:

  • bullet wounds from being shot at
  • burning (when hit by a flamethrower)
  • bite wounds
  • scratch wounds
  • poison

Lara can also be killed by traps. These may often cause instant death.

  • burning or intensive head
  • spikes
  • darts
  • poison
  • being flattened (by boulders or falling pieces)

Lara can also receive damage by simply interacting with her surroundings.

  • drowning
  • freezing in icy water
  • getting hurt when falling down
  • vehicle accidents
  • intoxicated by deadly gas/chemicals


Killed by a Baddy:

Killed by a Baddy

Hit by an Avalanch:


Overrun by Barrels:

rolling Barrels

Crashed with the Snowmobile:

Killed by a Flamethrower Guy: