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Dead Center is a four-part story arch of the Tomb Raider Comics.

Dead Center was written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by artist Andy Park. The first issue in the story arc, Tomb Raider #7 was released in September 2000, with part two to follow in October, three in December and the final part in January 2001.


The story begins with Lara Croft and Chase Carver spending some time together. Chase wants to start things up again with her, but she asks him to give her time. The next morning, Lara is woken by Madeline Hovan, who seeks employment as a "cook/secretary/assistant/everything else", who just found a dead body in the bedroom of Lara's yacht. She can identify him as a member of the Midnight Squires - a consortium she believed to be a myth - by a symbol on his shirt. On her bed Lara finds a strange green orb with red gems embedded. Just when Madeline Hovan agreed to work for Lara they are attacked by a group of mercenaries there to claim the "Eye of Shaherettin" as they call it. Lara and Madeline escape with a Jet Ski. During the escape Madeline shows that she has a talent firing guns, something she acquired when hunting with her father in Nebraska.

In Manhatten, in the headquarters of the Midnight Squire Roetek the head of the organization demands to hear from his underlings why they were unable to acquire the orb when they were facing just one woman. He sends out the "Elite Fire Unit" to hunt down Lara Croft and kill her, to obtain the orb. Meanwhile Lara and Madeline have taken refuge in Mexico. With Madeline's charms and Lara's guns they overpower a group of drug runners in the middle of the jungle to take their plane. During their trip Lara tells Madeline about her past. About a plane crash that took the lives of her parents and her fiancée. When Mr. Roetek is briefed about the situation, he sends out mercenaries to three of her likely contacts.


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