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The Crystal Dagger is a mystic artefact appearing in the two-part Comic story arc Bloodstones (Tomb Raider #38 & #39).

Lara first learns of the artefact in a recurring nightmare, where she is tied to two of the stones in Stonehenge and then attacked by a hooded druid with a mysterious symbol on his chest wielding the dagger.

When asked to come to the Salisbury plain by her old friend Madelynn Livingston, Lara's dream turns into reality. On a bluestone not unlike the ones actually belonging to Stonehenge Lara finds the same symbol the druid bore. When she touches it, the stone crumbles and reveals the crystal dagger.

Lara is knocked unconscious and the dagger is taken by Trevor Doyle, one of Maddie Livingston's assistants. Before he fled the scene, he used the dagger to stab his colleague Angela Tilly. Shortly after his accomplice Cindy Beck becomes the second victim in her home in Amesbury, Wiltshire. The third person Trevor kills using the dagger is Madelynn, the fourth victim is an unknown girl and Lara herself was the intended fifth and final victim. However she manages to free herself so Trevor turns on one of his followers and stabs Pamela.


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