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Letter to Lara

Clearance is a Document in the Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration DLC Blood Ties. It belongs to the Atlas de Mornay set and consists of a letter written by Lara's uncle Atlas de Mornay, who as been talking to her Therapist. Furthermore he again requests that she leaves Croft Manor.

The address on the letter is Lara Croft, 142 Abbingdon Road, Guildford, Surrey, England, AL9 5NQ. This address is of course fictional, there is no such road in Guildford. The zip code, though, is that of Hatfield House.

I don't know how I feel about keeping this old manor, but one thing is clear to me: I need Uncle Atlas out of my life for good.


I've reviewed the report from your therapist. I have to say I was surprised to see a clean bill of health. I somehow doubt you've so easily abandoned your irrational claims.

Indeed, where have you been the past few weeks? My secretary discovered that you booked a flight to Turkey on the 20th. You can't have been simply sightseeing, as your customs claims suggest. I know you're up to something, and I'll be damned if let you use the Croft assets to indulge the same obsession that led to my sister's death.

It's not too late to relinquish your claims on the Manor voluntarily. If you refuse, I will find a way to cut you off.