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Chase Carver
Occupation Ex Navy SEAL, Treasure Hunter

Chase Carver is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, treasure hunter and former love interest of Lara Croft. He likes to leave behind a Calling Card whenever he has been somewhere on his treasure hunts.


Relationship with Lara

When Chase met Lara Croft, the two engaged in a relationship and occasionally partnered up on their adventures.


During their relationship they travelled to Jamaica, where they had a midnight swim in the hotel pool Chase likes to refer to.

I'd say you do quite well with an audience, darling. Or have you forgotten Jamaica and our midnight swim in the hotel pool.
Chase Carver to Lara Croft, Issue 3 [1]


During a trip to Monaco, to have some fun before setting out to find a sunken Galleon together, Chase and Lara broke up. In the evening Chase spent some time in the Casino, even after Lara had gone to bed, losing $325,000 of her money. The next morning he did not appear at the appointed time. Lara was furious and guessed that another woman was the reason for it. A little later than thought she arrived at the sunken ship and dived down alone. She knew of a secret chamber under the main hold of the ship, but when finding it a bad surprise awaited her. The treasure was gone and she found Chase's calling card. She found him in the Casino with his new girl Celeste.

Hunt for the Medusa Mask (2000)

Chase eventually helped Lara find the Medusa Mask and defeat Hartford Compton.


Chases Grave
Chase is killed in the Tomb Raider Comic Issue #14, when he and Lara were in a tomb in Honduras searching for a treasure left by Christopher Columbus.

In Issue 40 he makes a surprising return.


Chase is similar in characterization to Alex West from the first Tomb Raider film.

Run away, run away and live to love another day.
Chase Carver's Motto; Issue 3 [2]

Lara describes him as "the most irresponsible, irascible, egoistical man ever to walk the earth". She also regards him as the only person remotely equal to her when it comes to finding the unfindable.

Chase Carver is a treasure hunter. He's also a rouge who cheats at poker and love. Those are is good points.
Lara Croft, Issue 5 [3]


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