Margot Carvier's Apartment

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Margot Carvier's Apartment
The Angel of Darkness
Section Parisian Ghetto Section
Level No 4
Length (*)
  • Game Time: less than 5 minutes

Location Europe, France, Paris
Level Chronology:
Industrial Roof Tops Margot Carvier's Apartment Parisian Ghetto

Margot Carvier's Apartment is the fourth level in The Angel of Darkness and also in the Parisian Ghetto Section.

Location of the level is, as the name indicates, the apartment of Margot Carvier in Paris.


Lara has managed to find her way to Margot Carvier. Lara tells Carvier about the death of Werner von Croy. As they discuss, Lara learns from Carvier more about what Werner was going through before his death and that he had left a package for safekeeping to Carvier, in case something happens to him.


Lara contacts Margot Carvier through the interphone.

  • Margot Carvier: Who is it?
  • Lara: Mademoiselle Carvier, it's Lara Croft. I need your help.
  • Margot Carvier: (opens the door to her apartment) Miss Croft. I recognize you from photos and Werner's description. Come in.
  • Lara: (while entering the apartment) Thank you.

End Cutscene

Lara jumps out of the window of the aparment and escapes to the Parisian night.



Artefacts & Keys



First Aid
More Gear


Typical Scenery of the Level


The main thing in the level is the interactive dialogue between Lara Croft and Margot Carvier. The goal is to get Carvier to give Werner's Diary to Lara by choosing the non-aggressive options for replies and insisting that Lara didn't kill Werner.

However, if the conversation fails and Margot refuses to give the diary to Lara, it can be retrieved from the kitchen alongside of other pickups. After the discussion there's about one minute left for searching the apartment before the police come in.