Black Beetle

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Black Beetle
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Found 1999
Game(s) Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation
Level Found Pharos, Temple of Isis

Cleopatra's Palaces

Level Used Pharos, Temple of Isis

The Black Beetle is a minor artefact found in the level Pharos, Temple of Isis in Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation.

A total of four of them have to be found in order to proceed.


Beetle-shaped, black object.


The Black Beetle doesn't have any actual powers, but all four need to be placed to their receptacles. When done so, the pyramind with the receptacles will open, revealing the Mechanical Scarab.

Locations of the Black Beetles

The four Black Beetles are scattered around in the two levels. All of them are attached to a wall from which they must be pried off with a crowbar.

Three Balck Beetles are found in the level Pharos, Temple of Isis: two in the chutes near the blue and white coloured pyramid, third is found in an area with a statue of Cleopatra.

The fourth Black Beetle is in the level Cleopatra's Palaces in a room with oil that will ignite.

The Black Beetles' receptacles are located Pharos, Temple of Isis, around the blue and white coloured pyramid's four sides.

Possible Bug with the Black Beetles

Some of the Black Beetles may not appear in the inventory when they're picked up. It's possible to avoid the bug by placing each of the Black Beetles to their receptacles around the pyramid as soon as they're found. Doing so results in there being only one Black Beetle at the time in the inventory.

Even if all of the Black Beetles do not show in the inventory, all the four sides of the pyramid with the receptacles should be open anyway by the time the level is finished.

See Also

Another Beetle-item, which can fool with its similar appearance
Sealed to the pyramind, whose sides have the receptacles for the Black Beetles
Combined to the Mechanical Scarab, found alongside the Black Beetles