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Big Guns Advertisement

Big Guns is the second expansion for the Collectible Card Game, released in April of 2000. It was the last expansion to be released before the closure of Precedence Entertainment.

Big Game requires Big Guns. So load up with everything from Flame Throwers to Rocket Launchers as you enter the Lost Valley with Lara Croft to face her greatest obstacles yet in search of the fabulous Dagger of Xian.
~ Package Description

The set consists of 159 cards, plus an additional 8 promotional cards. Unlike the previous card sets, this one did not come with accompanying Quest Decks.

The following products were for sale...
  • PDN 60010 - Booster Pack (9 cards)
  • PDN 60011 - Booster Display Box (24 packs)


B001CampsiteLost Valley Location
Common Cards
B002Tribal VillageLost Valley Location
B003AlcoveLost Valley Location
B004T-Rex LairLost Valley Location
B005RocketItem Discovery
B006MacheteItem Discovery
B007Cat IdolItem Discovery
B008Armored VestItem Discovery
B009Hidden SwitchTrigger Discovery
B010StopwatchItem Discovery
B011CompsognathusCreature Obstacle
B012Thick FogTrap Obstacle
B013WitchdoctorCreature Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
B014Tribal WarriorCreature Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
B015WaspsCreature Obstacle
B016Tar PitsTrap Obstacle
B017Switch PuzzleTrap Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
B018Pressure PlateTrap Obstacle
B019Whitewater RapidsTrap Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
B020GuardianCreature Obstacle
B021AftershockTrap Obstacle
B022SpidersCreature Obstacle
B023Snake PitCreature Obstacle
B024CrowsCreature Obstacle
B025Razor GrassTrap Obstacle
B026Competitive DriveAction
B027Bestial RageAction
B029Staying AheadAction
B030Delaying TacticsAction
B031Search and DestroyAction
B032Trigger TrapAction
B033Easy FindAction
B034Perfect ShotAction
B035Forward MomentumAction
B038Disarm TrapAction
B039Nine LivesAction
B040Forced DrawAction
B041Direct AssaultAction
B044Hidden AttackAction
B045Slow ProgressAction
B046Old TricksAction
B048Air BubbleAction
B049Aquatic AssaultAction
B050All Out AttackAction
B051RavineLost Valley Location
Uncommon Cards
B052LagoonLost Valley Location
B053Upper RidgeLost Valley Location
B054GorgeLost Valley Location
B055Cliff FaceLost Valley Location
B056River RapidsLost Valley Location (Wet)
B057Firing PlatformLost Valley Location
B058Hidden NicheLost Valley Location
B059Dark CorridorLost Valley Location
B060Crash SiteLost Valley Location
B061Raptor NestLost Valley Location
B062Tropical StreamLost Valley Location
B063Jungle PathLost Valley Location
B064GardenLost Valley Location
B065Obscured TunnelLost Valley Location
B066ChasmLost Valley Location
B067Valley FloorLost Valley Location
B068Tree CanopyLost Valley Location
B069SwampLost Valley Location
B070Narrow LedgeLost Valley Location
B071Tree HouseLost Valley Location
B072HeartstoneLost Valley Location
B073Broken BridgeLost Valley Location
B074Ancient RuinsLost Valley Location
B075Dry River BedLost Valley Location
B076AntechamberLost Valley Location
B077M16 ClipItem Discovery
B078Fuel TankItem Discovery
B079Diving SuitItem Discovery
B080Grappling HookItem Discovery
B081Razor DisksTrap Obstacle (Wet/Dry)
B082QuagmireTrap Obstacle
B083Lightning TrapTrap Obstacle
B084Green DragonetteCreature Obstacle
B085Killer BeesCreature Obstacle
B086TigerCreature Obstacle
B087LeopardCreature Obstacle
B088Rolling BladesTrap Obstacle
B089Giant SpiderCreature Obstacle
B090RaptorCreature Obstacle
B092Future InvestmentAction
B093Secrets BetrayedAction
B094Race to the FinishAction
B096Use the AnglesAction
B097Drop DownAction
B098Dangerous TerrainAction
B099The Greater PrizeAction
B100Unfair AdvantageAction
B101Rocket LauncherItem Discovery
Rare Cards
B102M16 Assault RifleItem Discovery
B103Quad BikeItem Discovery
B104Flame ThrowerItem Discovery
B105Poison DartItem Discovery
B106Tranquilizer DartItem Discovery
B107Dream StateTrigger Discovery
B108Secret LocationTrigger Discovery
B109TentItem Discovery
B110Golden KeyItem Discovery
B111Dragon IdolItem Discovery
B112Faithful ButlerCompanion Discovery
B113Shutoff SwitchTrigger Discovery
B114EarthquakeTrap Obstacle
B115Flaming PillarsTrap Obstacle
B116DragonCreature Obstacle
B117T RexCreature Obstacle
B118Raptor PackCreature Obstacle
B119Detailed StudyAction
B120First AidAction
B121Secret IdentityAction
B122Separate PathsAction
B124Just RewardsAction
B125Increase ThreatAction
B126Lara Croft, MercenaryRaider
B127Lara Croft, ScholarRaider
B128Lara Croft, CommandoRaider
B129Lara Croft, GymnastRaider
B130Lara Croft, AnthropologistRaider
B131Lara Croft, Martial ArtistRaider
B132Lara Croft, SurvivorUpgrade
B133Lara Croft, Trail BlazerUpgrade
B134Lara Croft, DaredevilUpgrade
B135Lara Croft, ChampionUpgrade
B136Sergeant Steel, VeteranUpgrade
B137Gemini, Thrill SeekerUpgrade
B138Pisces, Test Subject Upgrade
B139Black Beard, BuccaneerUpgrade
B140Marianis, Puppet MasterUpgrade
B141Dr. VirgoRaider
B142Mr. SuitRaider
B143Lord DrakeRaider
B146Jade MaskTreasure
B147Amber FossilTreasure
B148Ancient RelicTreasure
B149Serpent StoneTreasure
B150Dagger of XianTreasure
B151Armed and DangerousSecret Move
Ultra Rare Cards
B152Trick ShotSecret Move
B153Peaceful SolutionSecret Move
B154The Right MovesSecret Move
B155Hazard PaySecret Move
B156Miracle ManeuverSecret Move
B157Acquired LearningSecret Move
B158Solo EndeavorSecret Move
B159Backup PlanSecret Move
217Heavy FirepowerAction
Promo Cards
218Cheat CodesAction
219Lara Croft, RenegadeUpgrade
221Secret SurveillanceAction
222Dressed to KillAction
226Murphy's LawAction
000Lara Croft, Goddess*Raider
Secret Cards*
  • Note: Lara Croft, Goddess is listed as a Secret Card. It is not known if it is part of the Big Guns set, but it is also listed as being printed in the same year. The card has been included here for convenience.