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Reveal Event

Reveal Events for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider were scheduled for the 26th of April 2018 in London, Montreal, and LA. tombraidergirl ( and I had been invited by Square Enix Germany and Crystal Dynamics respectively to witness the reveal in London as part of the Official Fansite Program.

The reveal event included a hands-on play-through of the first demo. A step-by-step analysis con be found over in tombraidergirl's blog, which will answer a lot of questions you might have about the new game. I won't go into the details of the demo here as tombraidergirl already did a terrific job. Suffice it to say that almost all of us were blown away by the diversity of the many locations and their atmosphere, highlighted by sound effects and visuals.

Disclaimer: Crystal Dynamics sponsored my travel and accommodations to this event.