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As part of the 20 Years of Tomb Raider celebrations Lara Croft is going for yet another Guinness Book Record: Lara Croft is going to be the video game character with the most magazine front covers ever!

For now there are more than 800 known magazine covers that feature Lara, but the Crystal Dynamics crew that applied for the entry in the Guinness Book are aiming higher: They are looking forward to submit more than 1,100 covers to the judges.

All known covers can be found on the official Flickr page where they are collected. If you know of any other covers you can scan and upload them to your own Flickr page and share them with Crystal Dynamics.

Update 31 May 2016: CD has reached their goal of 1.100 covers and are now proceeding with the registration with the Guinness Book. You can check out all covers on their Flickr page.