Amelia Coft (Reboot)

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Remark: This article describes the fictional character Amelia Croft from the post-reboot Tomb Raider video game series. For information on Amelia Croft before the reboot, see Amelia Croft.

Lady Amelia Croft
Nationality British
Spouse Richard Croft
Children Lara Croft

Lady Amelia Croft is the mother of Lara Croft.


There are only occasional mentions of Amelia in Lara's and Richard's Documents. She seems to have led a happy marriage with Richard up until her sudden death, which is never really explained. It is, however, possible it happened during the expedition mentioned in the Reboot when both she and her husband disappeared. Her death has left a hole in both Lara's and her father's life.

Although Lara was very young when her mother died, she has recollections of her. None of these can be seen on screen or read in the documents as it is possible with the memories she has of her father.