A Great Man

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Red Science Document Folder

A Great Man is one of four Documents in Cold Darkness Awakened (additional content for Rise of the Tomb Raider). It belongs to the Red Science set, containing messages from the scientist behind the experimental biochemical toxin.

It always starts from the best intentions...

It has taken me thirty years of adversity, doubt, and ridicule to reach this day. When I first began my work into human enhancement, I was shut out of the scientific community. Blacklisted. Mocked and marginalized.

It was the State who finally saw the worth in my work. Saw the potential in raising up a generation of Soviet men to be something... more...

And now, I have everything I need. My own facility. An army of willing test subjects. And the finest minds in the field, handpicked by me. The same narrow minds who laughed at me will now march to my orders. They will help me make my dreams flesh. Like it or not.

The Motherland has spoken.