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Remark: This article describes the Zombie card from the 1999 Collectible Card Game. For information on the enemy, see Zombie. For information on the actual enemy pictured, see Cat Mummy.

CCG S146 Zombie.jpg
Card Information
Card Set

Slippery When Wet





Card Statistics
Card Type

Creature Obstacle

Danger Rating


Zombie is an uncommon card from the Slippery When Wet set of the Collectible Card Game.

Card Effect

11 Move or 13 Fight. 4 Life. Hit if failed.
Any time a Tomb Raider dies at this location, add a token to this obstacle. If a Tomb Raider fails to overcome this obstacle, she takes a number of additional Hits equal to the number of tokens on this obstacle.

Flavor Text

I just don't understand this whole undead concept. It mean, either something's dead and laying still or it's alive and moving around.


  • There is a typo in this cards flavor text ("It mean,..." should be "I mean,...").

Slippery When Wet
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