Yeti Thralls

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Yeti Thralls

Tomb Raider Underworld

Enemy Type Regular Enemies
Classification Undead, Thralls
Distinctiveness These enemies have to be destroyed with a kick-jump, a headshot or explosives.
Weapons Arms.
Weakness Thor's Hammer, Grenades

The Yeti Thralls are the biggest sort of enemies in Tomb Raider Underworld. They also belong to the group of Thralls which means that in order to kill them permanently their bones have to be destroyed.

  • While it's difficult to identify the corpse of a Yeti after it has lost its hair, that is clearly what these creatures once were. Whether they were capable of equipping themselves with armor in the distant past or were used as beats of burden or a warrior class, they would have been formidable creatures that could be the giants that populated all Norse mythology. [1]


These Thralls are massive and bear resemblance to the cave troll in The Lord of the Rings.


The first time Lara meets a yeti thrall is on Jan Mayen Island. She will later meet them again in the Arctic.


These trolls are a lot harder to kill than the average thrall. It takes a lot of force to bring them down and it is advisable to use Thor's Hammer to do so. As Lara does not have the hammer yet when meeting the first yeti thrall, the headshot should be used. Again, just like with the other thralls, their bones have the be shattered to kill them permanently.


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